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Recognised Compulsory Poomsae


Please CLICK HERE for an overview of the recognised compulsory poomsae for the Central District Open tournament to be held on July 21, 2018.

WT-Recognised Compulsory Poomsae  Draw Division -1 
Individual BB Cadet (12-14y): Taegeuk 6 (yuk) Jang & Taegeuk 8 (Pal) Jang
Individual BB U30 (18-30y): Keumgang & Shipjin
Individual BB U40 (31-40y): Koryo & Pyongwon
Individual BB U50 (41-50y): Taeback & Jitae
Individual BB O50 (51+ y): Pyongwon & Shipjin
Pairs U30 : Taegeuk 8 (Pal) Jang & Koryo
Pairs O30 : Pyongwon & Shipjin

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