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TNZ 2019 World Taekwondo Championships Team Announced


Taekwondo New Zealand has announced its Senior Team for the Manchester 2019 World Taekwondo Championships, which are being held in the United Kingdom this year from May 15th – May 19th.
The selected athletes in the Taekwondo New Zealand Senior Team are:
F-53kg  Stella Bismark
F-57kg  Vanessa Lattimore
F+67kg  Taylor Shaw
M-54kg  Cole Krech-Watene
M-58kg  Finn Olsen-Hennessy
M-63kg  Thomas Burns
M-68kg  Nipesh Prakash
M-74kg  Alex Ryder
M-80kg  Max Watene
This is one of the largest and youngest teams NZ has sent to the World Championships in recent years, and Taekwondo New Zealand would like to congratulate all these athletes and wish them the very best for the challenging competition ahead.
The officials supporting the team in Manchester will be Corey Shaw, Kane Watene, Marie Ryder, Clark Burns and Mike Hennessy.
In April we will be announcing selections for the 2019 World University Games (Napoli, Italy), as well as the 2019 Oceania Championships and Pacific Games, (Apia, Samoa) – all being held during the month of July.

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