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Report by Master Garry Carpenter


Report on the Central District Development Training Day

The TNZ Central District Board hosted a development day in Tauranga on the 15th of October. Starting the day with Poomsae Coaching and Development (9am to 12noon) and ending with Kyorugi (1pm to 4pm).

In attendance was Master Angela Caldwell who was transiting through Tauranga to London for the WT London Grand Prix where she will officiate.

The Poomsae session covered basic movements and focusing on Taegeuk 1. Next time, the focus will be Taegeuk 2 and more basic movements. The Kyorugi session covered setting up and administration of the Daedo Electronic scoring system and then how sparring is altered when using the Daedo equipment. Both training sessions are focusing on competitions- the upcoming TNZ Nationals and forward into 2018.



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