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Newsletter October 2017


TNZ Newsletter October 10th 2017

To all TNZ Members,

Here’s a quick update regarding the registration process for the upcoming TNZ Nationals and how to create an online account on http://taekwondonz.com


Planning is well underway for the Nationals and we have already started receiving entries which is great to see. We do understand that the online registration process is new and is taking some getting used to. We’ve also received messages that some clubs would like to be able to submit their entries in one go.

For this reason, we are happy for club Instructors who wish to register their members in one go to email the Tournament Director Master Garry Carpenter who will assist with this process. Master Garry can be emailed at: instructor@budosouth.co.nz

We do encourage you all to give the online registration process a go and look forward to welcoming you to the Nationals later this month.

TNZ Website Registration process– http://taekwondonz.com/event-list/

We’ve received a lot of positive feedback and queries regarding our new interactive website for members after it went live. As members, you are now able to;

  • create your own TNZ user account by signing up. (Please note that you must provide a unique email address. Google mail offers a family email solution. For example, if the principle’s email address in a family is joe.bloggs@gmail.com then just sign the next family member up under joe.bloggs+1@gmail.com followed by joe.bloggs+2@gmail.com, etc. Thus, the email addresses are all unique to TNZ when signing up, yet all emails will go to the main email address joe.bloggs@gmail.com)
  • subscribe to our monthly newsletter
  • log-in and register online for tournaments, development training seminars and courses, and pay your entry fees online.
  • keep up to date with the latest developments in the sport and your District
  • as Delegates, cast your vote online twice a year on the list of topics to be discussed at the General Assembly
  • follow TNZ on social media i.e. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
  • link your club’s website to TNZ’s, with links to World Taekwondo (WT) and OTU



All TNZ members can create an online account on http://taekwondonz.com

To sign up, you will need a head shot photo, and an individual email account for each member (each member requires their own email address. Please note you cannot use one email address for multiple members). Google mail offers a family email solution, as mentioned on page one.

Fill out the registration form at http://taekwondonz.com/user-registration/. Once submitted, your registration will be verified against the TNZ National Member Database. Once your registration is verified you will receive an email with your login details for both http://taekwondonz.com and WT Global Licence login via https://worldtkd.simplycompete.com. You will then have access to administer BOTH your accounts. To register for TNZ national or regional events, log into your account, go to http://taekwondonz.com/event-list/. You will be able to register for open events (e.g. TNZ Nationals) and apply or renew your WT Global Licence.


We welcome feedback and queries from members on any matter. Please note the Secretary General’s new email address: secretary@taekwondonz.com

Thanks to all those who continue to send us messages of support and who have attended the recent development seminars. The next October newsletter will be sent out shortly with more news and progress to report.

Yours faithfully,

Taekwondo New Zealand

Master Matt Ransom

Secretary General

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