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Newsletter February 2018


February 2018 Member Newsletter

Dear TNZ Members,

The year is in full swing now and we trust that member clubs are off to a good start for 2018. Here are a number of updates and key reminders:

WT Investigation Update

We are pleased to advise that a resolution regarding the TNZ Executive Board dispute is currently being finalised and we expect full normalcy for all TNZ operational and administrative functions to resume in the coming weeks. Basically, WT have recommended an Interim Board be constituted, which will include involvement from key external stake-holders, with the objective to hold a new election this year. We welcome this recommendation as ultimately the leadership and direction of the organisation and sport needs to be decided on by the members of TNZ. The make-up of the Interim Board and other details are still being worked through by the parties concerned and we will advise members the final outcome once this has been signed off.

New TNZ Clubs

It’s great to see growth with new clubs being opened and joining TNZ. We would like to welcome the following two new Wellington TNZ member clubs:

Stokes Valley Han Lee Taekwondo – Instructor Paleti Murphy

Dynamic Taekwondo Poneke – Instructor Dave Mischefski

Club Membership & Annual Fees

This week, TNZ will start sending out reminders to clubs that still have outstanding membership fees from 2017. These will need to be caught up in order for clubs and members to be able to participate in TNZ activities and events at normal member rates with no surcharge and be eligible for ranking points, selection and voting rights during the coming year.

TNZ is an official World Taekwondo member national association (MNA). For 2018, the TNZ annual membership fee will be packaged with the WT licence fee and payable via the WT GMS. This can be done on an individual level as well as club level and, also starting 2018, all TNZ members must hold a valid WT licence. For those that are competing in WT sanctioned events, an additional event pass is also required. For more details please visit our website http://taekwondonz.com/wt-licence/

Lastly, all clubs need to update their details for 2018 and complete the TNZ Club Membership Application (CMA) form which can be found on the TNZ website at: http://taekwondonz.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/TNZ-CMA-Form.pdf

Please email the completed CMA form to the TNZ Secretary General at: secretary@taekwondonz.com

TNZ User Account

You will need:

A) Head shot photo (jpeg)

B) Email account (please note you cannot use one email for multiple users, each user account needs its own email address). Google mail offers a family email solution, for example if the principle’s email address in a family is joe.bloggs@gmail.com then just sign the next family member up under joe.bloggs+1@gmail.com, followed by joe.bloggs+2@gmail.com, etc. Thus, the email addresses are all unique to TNZ when signing up yet all emails will go to the main email address joe.bloggs@gmail.com

Your details are required for TNZ to correctly verify individual members. Once your account is submitted it will be verified against the TNZ National Membership Database. After that, you will receive an email with your login information for both https://taekwondonz.com and your World Taekwondo Global Licence login information for https://worldtkd.simplycompete.com. This process will take no longer then one day.

You may upload the required documents for your WT Global Licence using your login, but please note your account will only be fully active once payment for your Global Licence has been made and WT has approved your licence. You can do this once your TNZ user account is activated.

TNZ District Training Camps

We have already run two successful TNZ District Training Camps in Auckland and Christchurch this year with the next camp scheduled for 17th February in Tauranga which will include Kyorugi and Poomsae updates. A big thanks to the presenters Master Dafydd Sanders, Anthony Chan and Corey Shaw and to all Instructors, Coaches and athletes for attending and supporting the camps that have been run to date. Please keep an eye on the TNZ website events page and our Facebook page for further details and updates.

In closing I would like to wish you and your families a great Waitangi Day.

Kind Regards

Matt Ransom
Secretary General




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