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Newsletter December 2017


Christmas Newsletter December 2017

Dear TNZ members,

Season’s greetings to you all at this busy time of year for everyone.

Following on from my last update of November 8th regarding an internal dispute within the Executive Board, and that we are working with World Taekwondo who are investigating this matter; I can advise that the WT investigation process is still ongoing and that we are continuing with our commitment to fully co-operate with WT in order to have this resolved as soon as possible for the betterment of the entire TNZ membership.

In the meantime, please be rest-assured that we are doing all we can to ensure all services and activities for members continue to operate with minimal or no disruption including forward planning, and in particular with the impending longlist processes for Tokyo 2020 about to get underway in 2018. Our stakeholders such as New Zealand Olympic Committee and Sport New Zealand have also been kept updated. It’s important to reiterate here that TNZ remains the governing body for Olympic Taekwondo in New Zealand, and as such we remain fully committed to achieving TNZ’s 5-year strategic plan for 2017-2021; One Taekwondo that is unified, respected, successful and sustainable, improving opportunities for all.

We will provide you with an update once WT has finalised the investigation into the status of TNZ leadership and where to from here. The following is a number of key updates for you all:

Global Membership System ‘Simply Compete’ Update

World Taekwondo (WT) has mandated that participants, Athletes, Coaches, and Officials, acquire a World Taekwondo Global License to register and compete in WT sanctioned events. It has also changed the registration system being used to process Global Licenses (GL) which can now accept payments. Any TNZ member wishing to obtain a GL must pay in full and fill out the necessary details on the WT Global Membership System to receive their GL.

In order to get access to your GL details you must first create your own TNZ user account. To sign up, you will need a head-shot photo and an individual email account for each member (an individual member requires their own email address. Please note, you cannot use one email address for multiple members). Google mail offers a family email solution.

Please fill out the registration form at http://taekwondonz.com/user-registration/

Once submitted, your registration will be verified against the TNZ National Member Database and after your registration is verified you will receive an email with your login details for both TNZ and WT GMS. You will then have access to administer both accounts.

Starting in 2018, WT has changed the GL options. Those individuals wishing to participate in WT Sanctioned events must have a WT GL and a WT Event Pass. If you have a current WT GL, you will need to upgrade to the WT Event Pass to be able to register for any World Taekwondo Sanctioned Event. Please see the information at http://taekwondonz.com/wt-licence/ for pricing options.

2018 Calendar of District events

Your Interim District Boards have been working closely together to plan events for the 2018 calendar year. A live Google-document has been uploaded for easy access for all District Boards to collectively provide input on finalizing the 2018 events. Once these are finalized, the details will shortly be uploaded onto the TNZ website and communicated to all members so you can plan ahead your involvement for 2018.

District Elections

The Interim District Boards (IDBs) are making good progress on the process of elaborating a standard document outlining the benefits of the TNZ District structure in order to hold democratic District elections followed by the elections of Delegates within each District.

The IDBs are also working on a standard election document soon to be distributed to the membership and which will be able to be downloaded from our website. Please note there are 5 Districts: Auckland, BOP/Waikato, Wellington, Upper South Island and Lower South Island.

Each club will receive an invitation from the respective District Board to put forward candidates for the position of District Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Secretary.

Further details on the nomination and election process, including for delegates and voting rights, will be advised in the New Year. It is in the best interests for the sport that all clubs actively participate in this District based election process.

2018 Summer General Assembly

We feel strongly that ultimately it is the members who decide on the direction and leadership of TNZ through their active participation in a fair and democratic General Assembly process, including any elections, and in accordance with the constitution which is available on the TNZ website http://taekwondonz.com and published on the New Zealand Registrar for Incorporated Societies website www.societies.govt.nz

Details on the date and location of the 2018 Summer General Assembly will also be advised to all members in the New Year.

Merry Christmas!

It’s that time of year when many clubs are wrapping up for the Holidays to take a well-earned break with family and friends. On behalf of Taekwondo New Zealand, I’d like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all those who have supported us throughout the year and to the hard-working volunteers who stepped up and helped with our events and activities, including all our Officials and IDB members. It has been a challenging year and we are all looking forward to taking a break to ‘re-charge the batteries’ ahead of a busy 2018.

I’d like to wish you and your families a safe and Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.

Matt Ransom
Secretary General
Taekwondo New Zealand

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