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Important Update re WT Investigation


Important Update re WT Investigation

Dear TNZ Members,

We are pleased to advise that WT have concluded their investigation into the internal TNZ Executive Board dispute and have submitted a proposal for a pathway forward. As reported earlier this month, it involves an Interim Board being constituted. This has since been expanded to comprise a five-member Interim Board which includes an independent non-voting Chair. WT will also provide an Arbitrator for any matters concerning a deadlock for final determination by way of a reasoned decision. Further, the Interim Board will be expected to produce a plan to fully normalise the organisation and hold new elections as soon as reasonably possible. The plan will also include a strategy to further unify the sport, all of which will be subject to WT approval.

Again we have welcomed these further WT recommendations unconditionally as we strongly feel that ultimately the leadership and direction of the organisation and sport needs to be decided on by the members of TNZ. The make-up of the Interim Board and other details are still being worked through and we will advise members of more details once this has been signed off by WT in the coming days.

Ahead of that we have been made aware of some misinformation that has unfortunately been distributed regarding TNZ’s Board and in particular regarding TNZ’s current status as an official WT MNA. To clarify, Taekwondo New Zealand is not and has not been suspended by WT. The above process is WT’s current position which we fully support.

In the meantime our District activities and events are going ahead as planned and we would like to thank all those who have participated to date. It’s also important to remind all members to please ensure your membership fees, any arrears and membership registrations are up to date so you can actively participate in the upcoming elections and decision making for the overall good of the sport here in New Zealand.

Kind Regards

Matt Ransom
Secretary General

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