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Important TNZ Member Update 8th November, 2017


Dear TNZ Members,

Many of you will by now be aware of an internal dispute within the TNZ Executive Board.

To address this situation World Taekwondo (WT) has initiated an investigation. Please CLICK HERE to read the official letter.

We have been communicating directly with the WT appointed investigator to resolve this dispute in the best interests of our members, stakeholders, the organisation and sport. We will keep all members and stakeholders informed of the outcome once this process has been concluded.

I am sure many of you will have seen or received a number of communications from certain individuals and parties regarding their side of the situation. These communications contain a number of baseless and defamatory assertions and inaccuracies. It can all be best summed up as ‘Fake News’ and a deliberate attempt to undermine TNZ’s organisational progress and to discredit many of us within TNZ, including the procedural and constitutional pathways we have been observing to resolve TNZ’s internal issues in good faith while keeping the organisation operational for you the members.

We will not be drawn into these types of negative tactics which simply do not help the situation at all. Instead we will continue to front this situation professionally and operate within the boundaries of the TNZ constitution, decent behaviour and the appropriate legal forums to see this through. We will also continue to work with WT throughout their investigation and they have our full cooperation.

The whole situation is obviously not good at all for the sport and we are just as disappointed and saddened by this as many of you are. However, over time these matters will be rectified in the best interests of all and we remain committed to seeing that happen.

Thanks again to the many members who have stuck with us during this time and for your continued messages of support which we really appreciate. We can assure you that TNZ will continue to function and provide services to members in accordance with TNZ’s vision to unite all Taekwondo members as per the TNZ 5-year Strategic Plan covering 2017 to 2021: One Taekwondo that is unified, respected, successful and sustainable, and improving opportunities for all.

If anyone has any questions at any time, please don’t hesitate to contact me at: secretary@taekwondonz.com or info@taekwondonz.org.nz

Kind Regards
Matt Ransom
Secretary General
Taekwondo New Zealand

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