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Central District Training Camp


Central District looks back to a successful training camp that took place at Budo South Dojang in Tauranga on Saturday, 17 February 2018.

A big THANK YOU to Master Garry Carpenter, Master Dafydd Sanders and last but not least our Sean Wells for their time and fantastic coaching skills.

These training and development camps are developed to provide athletes with optimal conditions to refine and improve their Taekwondo skills and knowledge. The camp integrated the technical and tactical components of sport Taekwondo along with components of sport science to enhance the performance of its participants.

And is a great chance for athletes to work with and learn from some of the best Taekwondo coaches in New Zealand. The training sessions are conducted by a talented team of  World and National caliber level coaches, who have a proven record of success as Taekwondo athletes and/or as coaches such as Master Dafydd Sanders,  Sean Wells, Anthony Chan, Corey Shaw, Tracy Coleman, Andrew Brookes and Brice Nathan-Welch, and International referees and Oceania Taekwondo Union presenters such as Master Garry Carpenter and Angela Caldwell.

The athletes had the opportunity to get in depth training drills, technical instructions and feedback. These events will be offered each year and on a regular basis across all TNZ districts for athletes wanting to get selected for the National Team. Keep an eye on the 2018 TNZ Event Calendar published at the TNZ website www.taekwondonz.com and TNZ facebook page. So DO NOT miss out next time!

District Board Members present: 

  • Chair Fiona Francois and Vice Chair Marie Bismarck,  TNZ Wellington District Board
  • Corey Shaw,  TNZ Southern DB
  • Chair Mike Hennessey, Secretary Jackie Sanders, TNZ Northern District Board
  • Master Dafydd Sanders, TNZ National Technical Project Advisor
  • Sean Wells TNZ Central District Trainings Coordinator
  • Master Garry Carpenter, TNZ National Referee Coordinator Poomsae and Kyorugi,  Central District
  • Chair Master Sonja Janssen-Sahebzad, TNZ Central District Board and National Social Media Coordinator


Athletes present:

Megan Clark, Josh van Hooijdonk, Rosemary Minto, Connor Minto, Savannah Sutherland, Lee Walters, Joel Granitzer, Khayne Forster, Stella Bismarck, Finn Hennesey, Victoria Arsapan, Gleb Geinke, Abu Hamza, Blake ward, Igor Kim, and more….

The following upcoming events are scheduled as follows:

March 10: Kyorugi and Daedo session, Nelson, Contact Anthony Chan for more information.

March 17: Daedo Session, Wellington

March 24: Tasman Nelson Marlborough Championships

March 24:  Taranaki Multi-style Full Contact Martial Arts Competition

April 21st: Wellington District Open

April 22nd: Daedo session, Wellington

May 27th: TNZ Training Camp, Wellington

Kind Regards
Sonja Janssen-Sahebzad
Chair Central District Board

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