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Report by Master Garry Carpenter


Report on the Referee and Coaches courses – by Master Garry Carpenter

The second leg of TNZ Referee and Coaches courses kicked off in Christchurch on Saturday (16th September). The TNZ course is centered around as much practical-physcial learning as possible, i.e., situational and physical, rather than presentations.

Those who attended were a mix of Athletes, Coaches and Referees. Each person gained from the experience and are looking forward to more sessions with the TNZ presenters next year (in the planning stages at the moment). The District Board system is showing it’s value with each District Board requesting slightly different teaching and learning sessions for the clubs in their district.

Next stop on the TNZ Express is Auckland, 7th October at Anchorage Park Primary School – start time 9am. All Taekwondo players, Coaches, Instructors and Referees are welcome to come learn, re-learn and further their Taekwondo competition knowledge. Both Poomsae and Kyorugi are on offer (but participants can only choose one discipline).

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